Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Blood Donation Drive at Yunus Textile Mills – Employee donated blood feeling their social responsibility towards society.

TCF – Rahbar Program is one of the most awaited CSR activity at Yunus. The questions and intellect level of students mostly blows our mind away. From economy to pricing, these kids are ready to question everything. We are proud of the future force.

On the corporate social responsibility side, Yunus Textile Mills had a successful year. This year Metro Cash and Carry awarded us valued customer award for purchasing of more than 40 Million Rupees per year for CSR. These purchases are for providing food ration to associate level at Yunus Textile Mills.

We also collaborated with Shaukat Khanum for distribution of meat to associates on the religious occasion of Eid Ul Adha.

We collaborated with Indus Hospital for Drugs Awareness Session for our employees. The main emphasis was on use of gutka and tobacco which is leading cause of mouth cancer.

To celebrate the amazing females’ part of Yunus Textile Mills, this year we spent Women’s day with Tabba Kidney Center (YBG) at Lucky One Mall.

There were several health checkup stalls by Tabba Kidney to improve women wellbeing. The idea was to provide right health services and screenings to assist people in leading a longer and healthier life.