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Profile of the Company

Name of the Company Yunus Textile Mills Limited
Company Registration No CUIN - 60489
National Tax Number 2906767-7
Status of the Company ESC (Economically Significant Company) – as per Company's Ordinance Clause 2(iii) of the Fifth Schedule.
Permissible business The Company is engaged for the activity of manufacturing and export of knitted, weaved and stitched fabrics and other textile products.

Company's Address


Registered Office H-23/1, Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi, Sindh
Tel No: (92-21) 3508 1305
Fax No: (92-21) 3508 1226
Head office H-23/1, Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi Sindh.
Tel No: (92-21) 3508 1305
Fax No: (92-21) 3508 1226
Location 2 Plot No. 376 & 91 , Kohi Goth, Landhi, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi, Pakistan
Tel No: (92-21) 3500 1512-3
Location 3 Plot No. 305, Main National Highway, Karachi
Tel No: (92-21) 3500 1501-9
Location 4 Plot No. HX-7, HX-7/1, HX-7/2, HX-7/3, Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi
Tel No:
Location 5 Plot No. LX-9/1, LX-9/2, LX-9/3 Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi
Tel No:


Location 6 Plot No. C-101, C-130 SITE Area Nooriabad
Tel No: (92-25) 4670 213 (92-25) 4670 192 (92-25) 4670 213


Location 7 Choudry Street, Samandri Road, Faisalabad
Tel No: (92-41) 8718 540

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Muhammad Yunus Tabba     (Chairman)
  • Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba     (Chief Executive)
  • Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba
  • Mr. Muhammad Imran Tabba
  • Mr. Muhammad Jawed Tabba
  • Mrs. Rahila Aleem
  • Mrs. Mariam Tabba Khan
  • Mrs. Zulekha

Statutory Auditors

  • M/s Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder, Chartered Accountants
  • A member form of Ernst & Young Global Limited

Legal Advisor

  • Muhammad Aleem
  • C-14,Pak Kauser Town, Malir Extension, Karachi

Industrial Associations and Memberships

  • Pakistan Cloth Merchant Association
  • Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers & Exporters Association
  • Pakistan Bedwear Exporters Association
  • All Pakistan Textile Mills Association

List Of The Awards Won In The Year 2012

  • National Excellence Award
  • Given to YTML for their overall CSR Activities, which include funding TCF Schools, ration provision to its employees, ETP Plant, Blood Donation Camp, yearly contributions to Chippa Welfare, Etc.

  • Corporate Community Partnership Award
  • Presented for YTML Give & Get Initiative where students of different universities are invited to YTML and are given corporate trainings along with a chance to meet the key people at the organization.

  • Poverty Alleviation Award
  • Presented for the “Weave Your Way In” initiative, whereby, every quarter a total of 5 people are trained as weavers, and at the end of their training, based on their potential and the company needs, they are hired on permanent positions. During the training duration, they are provided with a stipend of Rs. 7000/ month.

  • Environment Excellence Award
  • Acknowledging YTML’s efforts for sustainable environment practices, NFEH awarded YTML with the Environment Excellence Award 2012.

  • Supply Chain Award
  • YTML was recognized for making sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategies. They were awarded an award at the Pakistan's First Green Supply Chain Awards" organized by Publicity Channel.

  • Fire & Safety Award
  • YTML was awarded this award in recognition of their Disaster Management System. They were awarded this at the 3rd Fire Safety Convention and Fire Safety Award 2012.

Regulators of the Company

Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan – SECP

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